© duality photographic

© duality photographic


    I have always been interested in photography. My father was an avid photographer, always looking for the perfect shot of either a train in a rail yard or some type of plant landscape, all with his 35mm Nikon SLR. I have many fond memories of seeing him gaze upward, looking at one of his many slides against the florescent light in his office.

    The first time I noticed a photo that truly captured my imagination by way of its composition, was actually two photos, both captured by a friend of mine. He asked four of his closest friends to "wear all black" and show up on a roof top in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District (known for its amazing heritage buildings with 1920's era Chicago-esq architecture) and then a subsequent alleyway. The resulting photos were skillfully done in black and white, and the four guys in them looked like the coolest rock band on earth. 

    Wanting to become an architect, I came up with my company name and logo in 2001 while working on a building design project in school and kept it alive for different projects ever since. Building design eventually turned into graphic design and installation, which is my day-to-day job. However since about 2006 I've focused mostly on photography as a hobby. I started getting serious about it around 2010, and finally registered the company in January 2015.

    Currently I do freelance photography and videography. This is a collection of my favorite work. I truly hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


                                                   - Kd